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Support SPCS

"Not to us, O Lord not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness." ~Psalm 115:1

It may surprise you that tuition alone does not sustain South Pointe Christian School.  Like every independent school, our continued success depends on charitable gifts to our campaigns, participation in fundraising events, or through corporate sponsorship.


Like most independent schools, SPCS asks for support from tax-deductible donations!  Donation checks may be sent to:

South Pointe Christian School
Attn:  Finance Department
PO BOX 188
Pageland, SC 29728  
Every gift to South Pointe Christian School makes a major difference - whether the gift is large or small - it signifies your confidence that SPCS is worthy of your support. Your confidence is well placed, and your gifts are much appreciated.
Investing in South Pointe Christian School is an investment in this nation's future! 
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