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Academic Overview


High School (9th-12th)

South Pointe Christian high school is a college preparatory high school that has been successfully sending students to colleges and universities throughout the Carolinas since 1990. Building on the academic and spiritual foundations established through the elementary and middle school departments, our students are offered and excel at a varity of academic and elective courses, and meet or exceed the South Carolina state requirements for graduation. Our graduates are well equipped for the rigors of college, trained in the Word of God, and prepared to compete in the market place of ideas.

9th-12th Grade Course Catalog
Dual Enrollment Classes through Northeastern Technical College

Middle School (6th-8th)

South Pointe Christian School's middle school department continues to expand on the spiritual and academic truths and lessons taught in the elementary grades. At this level, emphasis is placed on encouraging the students to be diligent and responsible with their time, supplies, and assignments. Every effort is made to make the middle school years fun and enjoyable, but at the same time to develop students who are ready to successfully meet the challenges of high school and beyond.

8th Grade Course Descriptions
7th Grade Course Descriptions
6th Grade Course Descriptions


Elementary School (K5-5th)

South Pointe Christian School's elementary academic program strives to produce ethically and morally sound students by centering each of the core subjects around a Biblical world view. Additional subjects offer assistance in the overall development of each student, while aiding in the discovery of their gifts and talents.

5th Grade Course Descriptions
4th Grade Course Descriptions
3rd Grade Course Descriptions
2nd Grade Course Descriptions
1st Grade Course Descriptions
K5 Grade Course Descriptions

Pre-School (Infant-K4)

South Pointe Christian Preschool teachers strive to create an environment that is responsive to the social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and spiritual needs of each child. Through the use of the A Beka curriculum and learning centers we introduce basic concepts such as colors, shapes, numbers and alphabet. We make every effort to make learning fun and exciting.

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